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For this edition of Offroad 2 strokes we take a look at the 2018 Sherco SC300 . Clay Stuckey, the importer out of Tennessee, shipped an SC300 and an SE300 two-stroke out for us to test, and we took them out of the boxes just a few days ago. The SC300 is for more open spaces and higher average speed. The SC has no headlight and it has a closed-cartridge WP fork with more aggressive settings than the open bath fork on the SE. The SC also gets an FMF exhaust system. The SC300 sells for $9300. It has the same smooth low end that makes the KTM 300 work so well, but the carburetion is actually a little cleaner. Everything about the bike is super well refined. It starts easily, it runs crisply and it’s very hard to stall. The power is about what it should be for a 300 two-stroke, and there’s a switch on the handlebar that lets you tame it down if you’re in really tight stuff and you don’t need full boost. This isn’t like the map switch on other bikes where it’s hard to tell a difference. The Sherco’s switch really does something!

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