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It has been announced that the 3 time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton will be appearing in ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ as the mentor and Maestro who will lead and guide the players.

Lewis Hamilton will reveal his driving philosophy, techniques, and his way of life through driving images and interviews for the players of Gran Turismo Sport. His driving footage, theories and episodes will provide valuable advice to many players who strive to be just as fast and strong as the Maestro himself.

*For further details regarding Gran Turismo Sport, please visit the official website at http://www.gran-turismo.com/
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*『グランツーリスモSPORT』に­関するより詳しい情報は、グランツーリスモ公式ウェブサイト「グランツーリスモ・ドッ­トコム( http://www.gran-turismo.com/ )」をご覧ください